On site charges

Charges, as detailed below, apply to deposit hardcore, soil, tyres and gas bottles, because they are not classed as household waste (according to the Controlled Waste Regulations), at all of our sites.

Signs at recycling centres and community recycling sites make it clear that there are charges for non-household materials. For the prices, see the details below or ask any member of staff if your items are liable to be charged for and how much.

These materials charges are separate from the entry fees charged at Crewkerne and Dulverton Community Recycling Sites. Entry to recycling centres is free, and depositing household waste is free.

Payment accepted on Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, Visa Electron and Diners Club, including contactless cards.


You can find charges and information about disposal on the following pages:

These materials must be paid for before you visit a recycling centre. We accept payment by credit or debit cards only. We will give you a receipt.


From 1 April 2018

  • £6.50 per bottle (below 10kg)
  • £13.00 per bottle (10 to 20kg)
  • £38.10 per bottle (specialist cylinders)

For more information see hazardous waste

This includes construction and demolition materials, such as stone, rubble, clay, bricks and concrete, as well as sinks, tiles and toilets made from ceramics or porcelain.

There is no charge for crockery or clay flower pots, although we ask for these to be put in hardcore skips.

From 1 April 2018

  • No charge for a single carrier bag equivalent or less
  • £3.70 per bag (including part) size equivalent to more than a single carrier bag
  • £19.00 small van or small single-axle trailer
  • £38.10 medium van or medium single-axle trailer

You can find more information about permits and how to apply on our ‘Who needs a permit?‘ page.

For commercial prices see our business recycling sites page.

From 1 April 2018

  • £3.70 per unrimmed tyre
  • £4.90 per rimmed tyre
  • £49.40 per large (for example, lorry size) tyre

Special arrangements with charges have been introduced for vehicle parts, which are not classified as household waste, to be accepted at ten recycling sites.  For full details, including prices, see our vehicle part recycling and disposal page.