Recycling collections – Due to Covid-19, kerbside teams are short staffed, severely impacting their ability to complete collections. We have made the difficult decision to concentrate staff on essential services only. This means that we cannot return for any missed recycling collections. We will prioritise your collection on your next scheduled day.

Order containers

UPDATE: Container requests – for bins, recycling boxes and food waste caddies – have been suspended. Teams will try to deliver those already ordered, but no new requests will be accepted.


Please contact your local customer services team to order new or replacement recycling containers.

Click on the links below.

Recycling containers will be delivered within 10 working days.

Contact your local district council to order refuse bins or to subscribe to the garden waste service.

Bins and other containers supplied by Somerset Waste Partnership should be used solely to contain materials for collection by our contractors.  They are not intended to be used for any other purpose and neither Somerset Waste Partnership nor our contractors will accept liability for loss or damage to items stored in SWP supplied containers.

Somerset Waste Partnership does not supply lids for recycling boxes.

Most boxes supplied for recycling collections in Somerset have been supplied by Coral Products plc or by Straight plc.  Please note that lids purchased from box suppliers are not interchangeable and therefore Somerset Waste Partnership do not supply or recommend lids for boxes and does not support the use of box dividers.

To help with storage between collections, stretch covers are available from All Green on 01935 891 892 or via their website.

Remove stretch covers, nets or lids before presenting your recycling for collection.

Before ordering a stretch cover, it is important to be aware of the following:
•    Somerset Waste Partnership and our contractors cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss to your cover if put out for collection, so we recommend that these are used for storage only and are not put out for collection. If a cover is on a box put out, at your risk, then collectors have been instructed to return these with boxes.
•    We recommend boxes and covers are marked with your house number or name to reduce the risk of them getting lost or mixed up with others.
•    Only clothing and shoes need to be kept dry for collections and should be put out in plastic bags (not black sacks). It does not matter if paper, card or other materials get wet.
•    If you move, recycling boxes, food bins and refuse bins provided by SWP should be left behind for the next occupiers, but you may take covers you have purchased with you. Please contact your local council customer services to request containers at your new property if none have been left behind, but we cannot guarantee new boxes will be compatible with your stretch covers.