Recycle More – it’s in the bag

Recycle More – it’s in the bag

7 October – (MENDIP ONLY) Bright Blue Bags will soon appear on Mendip doorsteps as Recycle More comes closer.

The eye-catching new recycling containers are a pivotal part of the expanded service being introduced to all of Mendip (only) by Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) at the end of October.

They will hold some of the extra recycling collected every week and their arrival is a clear sign for residents that service is about to start.

Crews will be delivering bags to 51,000-plus homes across Mendip in the two weeks starting Monday 12 October. At the same time, stickers will be stuck on everyone’s recycling boxes making it clear what needs to go where once Recycle More starts.

Similar bags were part of successful Somerset trials and work well in other parts of the country. Key features include:

  • Base-weighting so they will not blow away in wind
  • A Velcro-fastened lid so contents will not blow away
  • Easy to fold-down and store when not in use
  • Tough, durable and waterproof

The Bright Blue Bags will be used to hold:

  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (rinsed and squashed/nested)
  • Tins and cans (rinsed and crushed if possible)
  • Aerosols (empty)
  • Foil (rinsed)

Recycle More adds extra materials to weekly collections, helps protect the environment and saves taxpayers’ money. With much more recycling, what little rubbish remains will be collected every three weeks instead of every two.

Everyone needs to check their “Recycle More is coming soon” leaflet for their collection day calendar showing clearly when their new service starts and future collection dates.

What goes into each recycling container is changing so the leaflet includes a simple colour-coded “what goes where” diagram to keep for future reference:

  • Green box – glass bottles and jars, and cartons, including Tetra Pak
  • Black box – paper and card
  • Brown food waste bin – all food waste
  • Carrier bags – small household batteries, small electrical items (crews will return bags)

SWP Managing Director Mickey Green said: “We know from our trials and experiences elsewhere that the Bright Blue Bags will work really well and we’re sure that people are going to be really happy with them.

“Lots of people are excited by the new service, but we’d ask them to stay patient and carry on recycling as they are now until their first collection date.”

Until the kerbside shake-up kicks-off, SWP is encouraging people to take the new Recycle More materials to recycling sites rather than throw them out in their rubbish.

Mendip’s recycling sites – Frome, Street, Wells (Dulcote) – take all the new items.

Anyone with questions or concerns about Recycle More can find more information online at or call Mendip District Council on 0300 3038588.

SWP is also holding its third Recycle More Facebook Q&A session on Saturday 10 October 11am-12noon. Please visit @somersetwaste and the team will do its best to respond.

Mendip is the only district to getting Recycle More in 2020. It will be introduced to other parts of the county over the following 18 months.

For the latest updates on Recycle More follow Somerset Waste Partnership @somersetwaste #recyclemore on Twitter and Facebook.