Recycling site permit scheme rolls on unchanged

Recycling site permit scheme rolls on unchanged

Got a bright orange permit to take your van or trailer to recycling sites? Has it got a 30 September expiry date? Do not worry or get a new permit.

All permit holders are being told to ignore the 30 September 2019 expiry date and continue using their existing card or the emailed confirmation on their smartphone. 

The permit stays valid unless your details change, such as your address or vehicle. Only then should you apply for a new permit and destroy the old card. 

All permit applicants who provided SWP with an email address for future updates have been sent full information about the scheme continuing unchanged. 

Permits have successfully helped cut congestion, crime and waste levels, maintained safety and efficiency, and contributed to Somerset’s long-term fall in fly-tipping. 

After recycling site restrictions by all of Somerset’s neighbours, the permit scheme – using a card or email confirmation on a smart device – was launched to control congestion and keep sites operating safely and efficiently with 1.6m visits a year. 

Somerset residents need permits to take household waste to a recycling site in a van, pick-up, campervan, mini-bus or similar large capacity vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes gross weight, or using a car-towed single-axle trailer of up to three metres’ floor length. 

Visit the permit page for details or to apply – with instant online confirmation to use until your new card arrives. 

The only things new for future permits are that they are a different colour – existing cards are orange; those being issued now are bright blue – and have no expiry date.

PS: Winter recycling site timetables start from Tuesday 1 OctoberWhen open weekdays, they will continue to start at 9am but close earlier, at 5pm. Year-round Saturday and Sunday hours remain 9am-4pm at all 16 sites.

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