Revive soil conditioner

Somerset’s garden waste is composted within the county and turned into Revive soil conditioner  by our contractor Biffa.

You can purchase and collect 40-litre bags from all Somerset recycle sites; £4.10 each or three for £10.25. Payment accepted on Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, Visa Electron and Diners Club, including contactless cards. No delivery service for 40-litre bags.


Biffa or local companies can deliver any amount of loose bulk compost (half tonne minimum) across the South West directly to your home or farm.

For a delivery quote or to order in bulk more than six tonnes, contact Dr Andrew Groenhof at Biffa on 07736 374009 or alternatively email

Biffa does not allow bulk collections with car & trailer from their sites due to health & safety rules.

Small bulk deliveries from one to six tonnes can be arranged by contacting:


Kevin (Wally) Watson 07989 580872

Phil Gunning (3G Transport) 07967 747450


Smilers Sand & Stone
The Old Quarry, Off Moon Lane, North Newton, Somerset
01278 652013 or 07860 209634 – ring in advance to order and for directions.


Abacus Construction
Gammon Barn, Ham, Wellington, Somerset TA219JB
01823 664509 – ring in advance.


One or more dumpy bags (one cubic metre / approx. half a tonne, per bag) can be purchased through and delivered to your door via:

Bradfords Builders Merchants (Taunton)
Wellington New Road, Galmington, Taunton, TA1 5LU
01823 254666

Bradfords Builders Merchants (Bridgwater)
139 Bristol Rd, Bridgwater TA6 4AQ
01278 422654

Paull’s of Martock
Coat Road, Martock, Somerset TA12 6EX
01935 822204

For any technical questions about the product, or to obtain a full list of stockists, please contact Dr Andrew Groenhof on 07736 374009 or

About Revive soil conditioner

Revive is your organic waste from Somerset, revived as a high-quality recycled compost.

Biffa produce two grades of high-quality organic compost /soil conditioner (0-15mm & 0-30mm) that are perfect for commercial and domestic use.

Revive meets the highest quality standard in the market. This includes the Compost Quality Protocol (CQP) and the BSI PAS 100 standard, the leading industry accreditation for compost quality. These standards ensure you receive a safe and consistent product that delivers outstanding results.

How will Revive work for me?
• Save on top soil; many people use Revive instead of buying topsoil
• Clay rich soil in your garden? Revive is perfect to open up the structure and ease workability and tilth
• Sandy soil? Aids in moisture retention
• A rich and readily available source of potassium, phosphorus and slow-release nitrogen
• Combined with valuable trace elements reduces the need for artificial fertilisers
• When applied as a thick mulch, Revive acts as a good weed suppressant
• For any weeds that do make it through on your flower beds or borders – ease of weeding, without the need to use dangerous weed killers
• Spoil your lawn and be the envy of your neighbours, with a dense rich green turf
• Grow your own vegetables & herbs – construct raised beds and fill them with a 50:50 (v/v) mix of Revive and top soil.
• Bring on those beautiful blooms – Revive will sustain all flowering plants

Practical benefits of using Revive green waste compost in your garden:
• Provides a good source of natural and valuable plant nutrients and trace elements; plus, a slight liming effect due to its alkaline pH.
• Adds valuable organic matter and thus improves soil fertility
• Improves soil workability and improves soil tilth, thus reducing ploughing / cultivation / fuel costs, particularly in clay soils
• Improved moisture retention in light soils and drainage in clay soils
• In mulching applications, reduces weed seed germination and also facilitates weeding activities
• Increases productivity and yields
• Increases soil microbiology by adding important microbes
• Adds essential carbon to the soil profile