How to prevent a high-risk blaze in your refuse bin

How to prevent a high-risk blaze in your refuse bin

Adding the wrong items to rubbish bins and black sacks could put lives at risk by starting a fire.

As well as the danger of a fire in a rubbish bin threatening homes or business premises, lack of care could start a blaze in rubbish lorry or see a landfill conflagration putting staff at risk.

Among the danger items that should never be added to the rubbish bin are:

• Hot ash or part-burned materials from domestic or garden fires or barbecues.
• Used portable barbecues whose charcoal may not be completely cold.
• Household or vehicle batteries as these may short out or cause sparks.
• Broken glass not carefully wrapped or bagged as it could act as a magnifying lens.
• Aerosols as they may get hot or be pierced during the collection and landfill process.

The advice is simple in each case:

• Let ash and portable barbecues completely cool, or drench with water.
• Recycle vehicle batteries through any one of Somerset’s 16 recycling sites.
• Take household batteries to recycling sites or high street stores that collect them, or – if on a Recycle More collection, add to household batteries your recycling in a tied bag.
• Carefully wrap and bag broken glass, which should also never go in recycling boxes.
• Use up aerosols completely, do not squash, and then add them to recycling boxes.

More advice here on safety with barbecues and bonfires from Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service.