Treat your garden to a compost bin this autumn

Treat your garden to a compost bin this autumn

Budding gardeners and those with a little more experience are reminded that via Somerset Waste Partnership’s arrangement with getcomposting, reduced price composting equipment is available. Setting up a compost bin is a simple way to help you manage your green organic garden wastes at home and is a great idea if you have lots of fallen leaves and autumn gardening to do ahead of the winter.

Residents can purchase discounted compost converters from as little as £17.98 and with the fantastic “Buy One Get One Half Price” offer on selected items, residents can purchase a second compost converter from only £8.99.

In addition to compost converters, from you will also find composting accessories, including wormeries, hot composting bins, kitchen caddies and water butts.

Composting your garden waste and certain kitchen wastes can help cut down on the amount of waste which your household produces – more than 30% of the average bin. From the garden add grass clippings, annual weeds, trimmings and prunnings. From the kitchen include vegetable peelings, coffee grinds, tea bags, scrunched up cereal boxes and kitchen roll tubes. In a few months you end up with a free supply of top quality compost, which has multiple uses for example, as a soil improver, mulch or plant feed. By producing your homemade compost you save yourself the need to drive to a recycling site to dispose of your waste, or the need to visit a garden centre where you have to spend cash on compost bagged up in plastic sacks. For more on home composting visit our home composting page.

For full details or to order equipment visit or call 0844 571 4444. (The standard cost from a BT landline is 5p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Other providers may charge more).