All your waste collections return to usual schedules

All your waste collections return to usual schedules

All waste collection services – including garden waste – are now back on their usual schedules. All recycling sites are now on their usual timetables.  You can check your collection days here.

If you still have a Christmas tree or any other festive waste to recycle, these are some key tips:

• Food: after storing leftovers, and composting anything suitable, all unavoidable food waste – cooked, raw, fresh, “off”, meat and fish, bones and scales, fruit and veg, bread and cereal, and the rest – should be in your food waste bin and none, not a scrap, in your rubbish. Get a free green gift to help you recycle food:

• Gift wrap: wrapping paper – minus bows, tape, ribbon etc – can go in with cardboard, or taken to any recycling site. Any shiny plastic or foil wrap should be added to your rubbish. Our favourite, brown paper and string, can be reused.

• Cards: either keep to reuse by making next year’s gift tags, or – providing they have not got too much glitter, holograms and other plastics on them – add to your cardboard collection. Or take to any recycling site.

• Tree: very few people in Somerset do not recycle their Christmas tree. For recycling or reuse, real trees minus decorations can be composted in your garden, used as a mulch, added to your “wild garden” corner, taken to any recycling site, or put out with your paid-for garden waste collection until 18 January. If you have no other option, and lack a neighbour, relative, friend, colleague or the person who delivered your tree to help take your tree to a recycling site, as a very last resort you can send your tree to wasteful, costly landfill with your rubbish until 18 January. Artificial tree: recycling site.

• Christmas jumpers and other unwanted textiles (except stuffed items like duvets), clothes and shoes: tie carefully in bag to ensure they stay completely dry and put out on top of your recycling boxes, take to any recycling site, or donate to a charity shop.

• Plastic bottles: rinse, tops off, squash and add to kerbside collections or take to recycling sites.

• Plastic household and food pots, tubs, trays – including black plastics, and including tubs for biscuits, chocolates etc: rinse, nest or squash and take to any recycling site. More on “PTT” here”.

• Plastic-lined beverage cartons – such as Tetra Paks – and single-use paper cups: rinse, squash and take to 12 recycling sites (all but Castle Cary, Cheddar, Dulverton and Somerton).

• Glass bottles and jars: rinse, add to recycling box (see cans for a tops option), or take to any recycling site.

• Broken glasses or cracked china: wrap carefully and add to your rubbish. Or take to any recycling site.

• Plastic decorations, broken plastic toys: rubbish.

• Food and drink cans: rinse and, if possible, squash to trap the lids (and steel jar tops) inside, then add to recycling boxes with aerosols and foil. Or take to any recycling site. Metal tins for chocolates, biscuits etc: recycling sites only.

• Aerosols: empty, discard tops, do not squash, then add to recycling box with cans and foil. Or take to any recycling site.

• Aluminium foil: rinse, scrunch and add to recycling boxes with cans and aerosols.

• Non-working lights and light bulbs, exhausted batteries, broken electrical and electronic: recycling sites.

• Working but unwanted gifts in good condition, or the working items in good condition new items replace: regift, sell, donate to charity or give away on Freegle, Freecycle or Facebook.

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