Recycling sites upgrade: full Sundays, later hours

Recycling sites upgrade: full Sundays, later hours

All recycling sites are now open until 4pm on both Saturdays and Sundays, and operate until later when open on weekdays – to 6pm in summer, 5pm in winter.

To see the hours in full or download site-by-site or district-by-district timetables, click here.

The sites upgrade is part of Somerset waste services’ transformation, with extra weekly plastics recycling, three-weekly rubbish collections, and an end to landfilling most refuse from 2020.

Reflecting site users’ demands and keeping all 16 sites open, the sites upgrade agreed by Somerset Waste Board councillors that began on Monday 1 April 2019 includes:

* Year-round 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday hours at all sites
* Later summer (6pm Apr-Sep) and winter (5pm Oct-Mar) weekday closing
* Same number or extra days at 10 sites, such as Chard and Wells; fewer days at six sites
* Crewkerne and Dulverton remain open (with £2 cash entry fees to end by April 2020)
* Reflecting early-day low user numbers, all sites will start work at 9am
* With 6pm summer closing, an end to 11 sites’ underused 7pm Monday evenings

Full details of all the changes to opening hours from 1 April 2019 – see site-by-site guide below – will soon be available on flyers at each site.

SWP managing director Mickey Green said: “These improvements reflect what customers have told us they want, especially the extra weekend hours and later summer evenings.

“Most importantly, they ensure all 16 sites stay open, and that each site’s hours carefully match the existing use and future needs as Somerset’s population and housing stock expands.”

Opening days, site by site, from 1 April 2019

NB: All Saturdays and Sundays are 9am-4pm year-round; all weekdays are 9am-6pm April-September, and 9am-5pm October-March.

Bridgwater (Saltlands)Open daily except Wed
Castle Cary (Dimmer)Open daily except Wed-Thu-Fri
ChardOpen daily except Wed
CheddarOpen daily except Thu-Fri
CrewkerneOpen Sat-Sun-Mon
DulvertonOpen Sat-Sun
FromeOpen daily seven days a week
HighbridgeOpen daily except Mon-Tue
MineheadOpen daily except Tue
SomertonOpen daily except Mon-Tue
StreetOpen daily except Thu-Fri
Taunton (Priorswood)Open daily seven days a week
Wellington (Poole)Open daily except Mon-Tue
Wells (Dulcote)Open daily except Tue
WillitonOpen daily except Wed-Thu-Fri
YeovilOpen daily seven days a week