Collections and windy weather

Collections and windy weather

If it is forecast to be windy, make sure your recycling and rubbish does not become a mess for your neighbours.

Top tips: rinse and squash all containers except glass and aerosols, stack recycling boxes with the locked food waste bin on top, or cover and weigh down boxes. Put out bins and boxes as close to 7am as possible, somewhere sheltered but still clearly visible.

Not got much to put out? Consider saving it to next week. Got a lot to go? If you have space, consider storing the excess until next time, or if you have time and transport, consider taking it all to a recycling site.

You have a legal duty of care to look after your waste, so until it is collected, it remains your responsibility, even if it has been blown down the street.

If our crews drop waste or make a mess, they are required to clear it up – report any problems to your district council customer services ASAP – but they have no time to be litter pickers or street cleaners.

See our advice here on wet or cold weather.

More on collections here, and see here for details which recycling sites are open when for what materials.