Slim my waste – feed my face!

More and more people in Somerset are recycling food waste. Are you?

Somerset Waste Partnership is launching a campaign to show how food waste recycling is fun, easy and the right thing to do.

We want you to decorate your food waste bin with a face to reflect your personality, using the free stickers we will provide.

Then feed your “face” with all your food waste and share its photo on social media to win lots of goodies!

Why recycle food waste

Somerset already recycles a lot, but food waste is still 25% of the average rubbish bin so we could easily recycle far more of it into a valuable resource.

Somerset’s anaerobic digestion plant transforms all your food waste into electricity to power your home and a nutrient-rich farm compost to grow more crops.

Benefits of recycling food waste

It helps the environment by reducing rubbish being sent to landfill. Landfilled food waste produces a biogas that goes straight into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.

Recycling reduces disposal costs. By recycling all our food waste, we would all save nearly £1 million a year to go on other vital local services.

Your household waste bin will be cleaner, less smelly, and it gives you the opportunity to recycle even more!

Did you know?

● Six recycled tea bags could produce enough electricity to boil a kettle for another cuppa.
● You can fully charge a tablet with the electricity from 148 recycled apple cores.
● And 761 bananas generate enough electricity to power a typical home for a whole day.

Watch out for information coming through your door very soon and help your rubbish bin to “slim my waste”.

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Many thanks to Bristol Waste Company for sharing with Somerset such a great campaign with such impressive results.