Somerset Waste Board

The Somerset Waste Partnership is the executive arm of the Somerset Waste Board, which is made up of two members nominated by each of the five councils in Somerset.

Somerset Waste Board meeting details and papers are published by Somerset County Council, which provides administrative functions to Somerset Waste Partnership.

Members of Somerset Waste Board (as notified to the SWP) is:

Mendip District Council: Councillors Tom Ronan and Adam Boyden

Sedgemoor District Council: Councillors Janet Keen and Gill Slocombe

Somerset County Council: Councillors David Hall and Clare Paul  (Vice Chair)

Somerset West and Taunton: Councillors Alan Wedderkopp and David Mansell

South Somerset District Council: Councillors Sarah Dyke (Chair) and Tim Kerley


Business Plan

Somerset Waste Partnership publishes a rolling 5-year business plan every year.