SWP costs

Costs and savings

Services provided by Somerset Waste Partnership cost £179.54 in 2021/22, down from £184.16 in 2020/21, as shown in the table.

Collection costs are funded by district councils. Recycling sites, organic waste treatment and residual disposal are funded by the county council. Staff, communication and support costs are shared.

Further details are provided in the budget report to Somerset Waste Board, usually early in each year. Actual spending for each year is given in a budget monitoring report, which is usually presented to Somerset Waste Board later each year. These reports are published by Somerset County Council, which provides support services to Somerset Waste Partnership.

Net costs per household2018/192019/202020/212021/22
Recycling collections£39.00£41.01£39.48£29.48
Recycling sites (Somerset average)£37.15£38.54£39.06£40.41
Anaerobic digestion and composting (Somerset average)£12.93£13.01£13.53£13.41
Refuse collections£24.96£25.74£26.29£26.87
Residual Disposal (Somerset average)£57.12£55.48£60.17£63.67
SWP client organisation (Somerset average)£4.62£4.82£4.97£5.04
Communication costs£0.18£0.18£0.18£0.18
Support Services to SWP (HR, legal, payroll, etc.)£0.49£0.49£0.48£0.48
Somerset Waste Partnership Total£176.54£179.27£184.16£179.54


  1. Costs shown exclude fees from bulky waste collection charges, which are paid direct to district councils.
  2. Residual disposal includes recycling credits paid by the county council for part of the savings made by recycling, which are also reflected in costs for recycling collections.
  3. Landfill tax has increased from £94.15 per tonne to £96.70 per tonne from 1 April 2021.
  4. Costs shown are the averages for Somerset. These vary slightly by district, reflecting variations in contract costs due mainly to differences in travel distances related to differing population densities.

Savings from increased waste reduction and recycling

In 2020/21, each tonne of waste prevented through reduction or reuse saved council tax payers at least £117.81. Each extra tonne recycled through kerbside collections saved over £54.91. Each extra tonne of food waste recycled saved £36.48.

Income from recycling

Service contracts have been competitively awarded to SUEZ for collections and Viridor for recycling sites and waste disposal or treatment. Our contractors are responsible for marketing and selling materials collected for recycling. The income they receive offsets their expenditure and reduces contract costs that would otherwise apply for our partners.

Our contracts allow Somerset Waste Partnership to receive reports on material prices and be consulted on marketing arrangements.

We publish an annual recycling register of how the materials collected are recycled.