Week one figures just the ticket for Recycle More

Week one figures just the ticket for Recycle More

10 November 2020 – The first week of Mendip’s new Recycle More service generated an extra 38 tonnes of recycling, initial figures have shown.

The impressive stats include nine extra tonnes of plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, which equates to roughly 200 cubic metres – more than the size of two double-decker London buses.

It’s an increase of more than 22% in plastic as residents across the district get behind the Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) expanded recycling service.

Week one also saw a 35% increase in steel cans. These, along with the plastic, go in the Bright Blue Bags which are already becoming a familiar site across Mendip.

SWP Managing Director Mickey Green said: “It’s early days but these numbers show a really solid start and one that we are building on.

“It’s great to see the extra recycling coming back to the depot. That is what this is all about, materials out of the rubbish and into recycling, so they can be turned back into products and packaging.”

All the extra weekly recycling means much less rubbish, so rubbish bins and sacks are now being collected every three weeks instead of every two in Mendip.

That makes it is more important for everyone to check their collection days and dates and make sure they do not miss one.

Every household in Mendip received a Collection Day Calendar in the post – part of the eye-catching “Recycle More is coming soon” leaflet. It spells out recycling and rubbish collections for the next 12 months, including over Christmas and Bank Holidays.

Days and dates can also be checked quickly and easily online, 24/7. Use the My Collection Day button here and enter your postcode and then address.

Using the same button, you can even download your collection days into your laptop or mobile device’s calendar. You can also check by calling the Mendip District Council Customer Service team on 0300 3038588.

Recycle More has added the following extra items to weekly kerbside recycling collections – plastic pots, tubs and trays; cartons including Tetra Paks, small batteries and small electrical devices.

Please remember, the following SHOULD NOT go out for collection in any container:

  • Plastic bags, wrappers or plastic film coverings from trays or punnets,
  • Crisp packets or pet food pouches
  • Plastic toys or plastic plant pots
  • Polystyrene and expanded polystyrene
  • “Compostable” cups or food containers

As well as protecting the environment and helping tackle climate change, the new service also costs less.

Click here for information about Recycle More.